Monochrome Summer Style


My style is majorly black, white and grey and I find that these colours are quite hard to wear in summer so here is my take on a monochrome summer outfit.
Top- h&m
Shorts- New Look (they were trousers but I DIY-ed them into shorts)
Sunglasses- New Look
Socks- Topshop
Shoes- Converse

This outfit is practical for a casual summer's day, it is super comfy and light.

Do you think you can pull off monochrome in the summer or are you a brights kind of person?
Ray x

School's OUT

I was having a good old think about what way I want to spend my summer and of course I thought of sun and sand etc but I live in Belfast and warm weather is highly unlikely. I've decided that I really want to focus on blogging this summer. I really enjoyed blogging for the few months I did it but the past few months have been CRAZY busy that I brushed it aside.

I have a few posts lined up in my head actually so follow me on bloglovin' and keep an eye out for upcoming beauty and lifestyle posts.

What are your plans for summer 2014?
Ray x

My Christmas and NY's in pictures

There unfortunately wasn't any snow in Belfast and this frost was the closest I was going to get!

I did spend some time studying I was a little bit sensible.

I had so much fun with my friends and that to me was WAY more important than studying!

Spent time with my boyfriend too(I wish pft) 

I went a little bit crazy in the Boxing Day sales and bought A LOT.

Family are super important to me and I spent most of my Christmas holidays surrounded by my family which was fab.

Of course I indulged a little bit just like everyone and one of my fave treats was this Terry's chocolate orange hot chocolate (thanks Zoella for the recipe)

What did you get up to over Christmas and New Year's? I'd love to hear so leave a comment below and tell me.
Ray x

My Bucket List

I know I'm only 16 and it may seem silly that I have this written already but it gives me plenty of time to do it. So, here are 38 things I want to do before I die...

1. Have a wild weekend in Vegas.
2. Make a difference
3. Live in a new place
4. Get a tattoo
5. Fall in love
6. Throw a massive party
7. Visit Austrailia
8. Sleep under the stars
9. See the Northern Lights
10. Go cloud spotting on top of a hill
11. Learn to play guitar
12. Own a polaroid
13. Go sky diving
14. Fly in a helicopter
15. Drink coffee in Central Perk
16. Experience 0 gravity
17. Straddle a border(be in 2 places at once)
18. Own lots of band shirts
19. Learn to drive
20. Poke Harry Styles’ dimples
21. Go to Times Square
22. Attend a festival
23. Find a real bestfriend*
24. Donate blood
25. Have a food fight
26. Go fishing
27. Go on a real date
28. Have perfect teeth (get my braces off)*
29. Visit a wonder of the world
30. Punch someone in the face
31. Own a perfect pair of jeans
32. Find the perfect LBD*
33. See ATL live
34. Be truly happy
35. Ride a mechanical bull*
36. Meet Mark Harmon (Leroy Jethrow from NCIS)
37. Drive on route 66
38. Twerk against my old school with my bestfriend.*

(The ones with asterisks beside them are things I have already done.)
This the adapted version of my bucket list which originally came from my tumblr so if you want to visit my tumblr to browse or what not click here.

Have you written your bucket list already? If so, what are your top things you want to accomplish?
Ray xx

"Babies, Harry Potter, Umemployment" Ramblings of Ray #1

Ahh babies, they're cute to look at and hold occasionally but I feel like I'm in a never ending ball pit of babies (odd metaphor I know). I have been constantly surrounded by babies for 3 weeks straight and their cuteness and adorable little things they do stop having affect after a few days. It's not over for me though, I'll have a new edition to my family to join all the youngster I already have swinging from my limbs. This week my sister will hopefully be having her baby!!!! I am so excited for this baby, it has been long awaited and though her pregnancy has been complicated it'll all be worth it when he/she is finally here.

This may shock some of so prepare yourself but I have never watched a Harry Potter movie. My friends all think it's so weird and are always going on at me to watch them so I started to watch one this week and my friend Shauna phoned me and literally forced me to go out with my friends and all I really wanted to do was watch Harry Potter. Long story short Shauna was not taking no for an answer and I had to abandon Harry Potter and have not resumed watching it since. I'll eventually get round to watching it around the same time I finally finish reading Mockingjay (which I should add, I have started 3 times and not once have I got even half way). 

I know I'm not supposed to be complaining about unemployment because there are people out there with families to feed who have no job but I could use a job and use the money about now. I would really like to have my own independence and not have to run to my parents for every little thing that I want (that is in no means me implying I get everything I ask for, in reality its the complete opposite infact). It is frustrating knowing also that the chances of me being employed are slim because I still have not sat all of my GCSE's so therefore have no real qualifications and if someone is applying for the same position as me with 11 GCSE's A*-C and 3 A-levels I know who I would give the job to. 

I hope you enjoyed this week's "Ramblings of Ray" post. I am going to  make this a weekly thing but it may not always be on a Saturday because sometimes, JUST SOMETIMES, I do have a social life on a Saturday. 

Until next time, have a good day/night wherever you are,

 ***Most of the photos on this post were taken from my Instagram and over there at the moment I am doing the November Photo Challenge where I post at least one photo everyday so if you want to check that out it is @rachelvslife ***

Bed time buddy

I'm one of these people that needs something to cuddle at night and recently my blankets are just not cutting it so you can imagine my excitement when my mum gave me my new teddy. I understand some of you reading may be questioning my age and mental stability but I've always had a teddy with me in every bed I've slept in and even though I'm 16 I can't get a comfortable nights sleep without my fuzzy friend beside me. 

This is Alfie and he is permanently a part of my bedtime routine and let no man break this bond.

Ray x

New room,new outlook

The picture below is where I slumber. **This photo was taken from my Instagram (which is rachelvslife by the way incase you have Instagram and wish to follow me)**

My new bedroom is the most fabulous place in my opinion because I don't go out much so I spend most of my time in my room and having it clean and comfortable is a must. With that considered having somewhere that I can feel both motivated to work and relaxed is not easy and it took careful planning and many many sketches to get it perfect. It took about a week to decorate and while it was being decorated it looked a state. It was a pain in the behind having to take my bed apart and put it back together everyday after doing a little bit of decorating but now that it is all done I'm so happy with it!

...dressing table-Amazon
...wallpaper- Nobblets (which I think is only based in Belfast oops)

Ray x

Blogging break

You may or may not have noticed that I paused the blog reel for a while and my blog post well basically ran dry. I was at a bit of a cross roads with what I wanted to put on my blog because I enjoy blogging but the subject of my posts has been an issue for a while. I enjoy reading about beauty and watching beauty youtubers but I just don't think I'm cut out to be a beauty blogger. I would like to include beauty posts on my blog but not all the time so I'm searching for new inspiration. After watching Louise of Sprinkle of Glitter's video "Having Hope" I was inspired to start blogging again more regularly but to include things that make blogging fun for me so here are my ideas:

- At least once a week I'd like to just sit down and ramble about my life at that present moment, whether you chose to read it is up to you but I'm currently trying to think up a title for a post like that eg: "Monday night moaning" but that could be taken quite rude to some of you so that's out the window but you get the jist of what I'm looking for.
- I want to write at least one beauty post a week so that I can still do what I'm interested in but not have it feel like such a chore the way it did before.
- Plan my posts before I write them so I don't ramble just like I'm doing right now because I did no planning.
- Just enjoy it, my blog is like my diary and that's something I need to remember. In a few months/years/centuries I could come back and look at rachel-vs-life and I want it to be something I'm proud to showcase to the entire world.

Now that 'm starting back to school soon my posts are going to have to be written in advance which is annoying but with all that's going on this year in school I just don't want to be stressed out or split my focus so my new blog post scheduele will be posted sometime in the next few days on my "About" tab.

So I hope you continue to enjoy rachel-vs-life and if you have any posts you'd like to see leave suggestions below and I'll try my best to do them.

(if you click my name above it will direct you to my new twitter so if you could follow and tell your friends, your neighbours, your neighbours friends to follow me that would be fab and much appreciated.)

Squeaky Clean Brushes

I hate cleaning my brushes if I'm honest but I love using spotless clean brushes- do you see my problem? To achieve a happy medium I try to wash them all once a week which isn't too often that it feels like a chore and I get clean brushes for a healthy amount of time. So I thought today that I'd share with you how I do that because when I first got into makeup no one told me that you had to wash brushes regularly or how to do so. 

Firstly you'll need all your brushes you want to wash and some baby shampoo/bath (I usually use shampoo but they both do the same thing) The reason it's better to use BABY shampoo is because it's designed to keep skin soft so it makes your brushes so soft and it smells amazing.

Now for the actual washing. I put a small amount (about the size of a pea) of the baby bath in the plam of my hand, swirl the brush in it until it lathers and then put the brush under running water pinching the bristles until the water runs clear and the brush is free of product.

To dry them I just lay them all on a piece of kitchen roll and set the near a radiator and they dry in about 6 hours. This is why I wash them at night so they will be dry for the next morning to do my makeup with.

I hope this was helpful to you. If you have anything you use to wash your makeup brushes that I didn't mention feel free to leave them below. 

Ray xx

Take a break

 (You can see how small it is in this picture- the whole town of Ballycastle is situated on that hill)

Sometimes when you find that life is rushing by and you're doing things 110 mph and forge how to relax a little break away is in order-and for me this break came in the form of a remote town BallyCastle. I used to visit all the time when I was a child but after the summer of 2006 we just stopped. I've always wanted to go back but my family were never keen until my sister asked last week did I want to go for a drive somewhere and of course my first suggestion was BallyCastle. As I expected she took a little persuasion but we got there in the end. I endured a 90 minute drive through the little country roads but when I caught the first glimpse of the sea from the car I couldn't stop a little squeal escaping and turns out my 25 year old sister was just as excited as I was. BallyCastle is so small and quaint that it only takes around 40 minutes to get from one side of the town to the other. It was nice to be a child again for just one day and play in the old park I used to play in when I was little and chill on the beach and dig in the sand and just relax.

Do you have one place that you go to escape when life gets too much?


The "Meh" Edit

This is the line up of products that didn't have me rushing to snap a picture of them when applied or just left me feeling entirely underwhelmed. Bear in mind all of these products have been given a fair trial before they were sentenced to this post.

The first one may seem somewhat controversial but it's Benefit High Beam. Now this product isn't all bad but I find it hard to wear, the reason being when applied I find that the foundation under it breaks down and just doesn't look as nice as it did before I put on highlight. I can find ways to wear it for example on days when I'm not wearing foundation but my skin needs a little lift then it comes in handy! 

The prettiest pick of the bunch but arguably the most disappointing. Yes, I am talking about Barry M Nail Paint in Yellow. The Barry M nail range altogether has received a lot of hype over the past few months but this polish took an ungodly amount of time to dry and it is known that I am not the most patient person when it comes to nail polish drying so that immediately put me off this product but with the added disadvantage of my nails being stained yellow for days after removing it no matter how much base coat I applied it was surely a candidate for the bin.

This next one is ultimately my fault but the Sleek Face Form Palette was another product I was disappointed in. The only thing I could find wrong with this was that it was WAY too dark for me. While in the aisles of Superdrug searching for a new contouring product I stumbled across this palette and when I noticed they were out of "Light" I settled for "Medium" which was just as helpful as flushing £10 down the toilet. 

If I ever go to buy something on a whim someone should just take my hand and march me away from it because it never works out well. This is shown in this Claire's lipstick which is the scariest most horrific shade ever. It is a blue toned purple which does not flatter my skin tone or my eye colour but I could probably make the colour work with a pretty gloss if the formulation was even average but this lipstick does not apply evenly, it clings to dry patches on my lips and tastes dreadful.

I can't actually believe the next was a recommendation but the Rimmel The Max Bold Curves mascara was just not as good a the recomendee made it out to be. The wand has a bristle brush which I'm usually not a fan of because I don't feel like it grips all the lashes plus it is easily clumpy and smudges on me.

The last product of this edit is Mac Studio Fix Fluid. The colour match is perfect when it is just applied but leave it about 15 minutes and it has oxidized on my skin so much that it looks about 2 or 3 shades darker. It also breaks down around my oily T zone and no matter how much primer or setting powder I wear it doesn't last more than a few hours on my skin. 

That's it for my negative fest, I have to admit I quite enjoyed this little rant and sometimes it's nice to talk about products which aren't just as good too, you and I both know that not all products are worth the money.

Ray x

Top 5 "drugstore" lipsticks

"Drugstore" is not a term I enjoy using but there is no other way to group these lipsticks together so now that I've addressed that we can get into it.

(left-right: Topshop "Infared", Revlon Colorstay Liquid Lipstick "Premium Pink", Collection CreamPuff "Fairy Cake", Evie Mai "Red", MUA "shade7")

(bottom-top: Topshop "Infared", Revlon Colorstay Liquid Lipstick "Premium Pink", Collection CreamPuff "Fairy Cake", Evie Mai "Red", MUA "shade7")

Topshop "Infared" This is a very bright red with orange undertones, it does nothing to help the whiteness of my teeth but I can overlook that because the formula of this lipstick is super moisturising infact it feels more like a lipgloss than a lipstick, the pigmentation is amazing and you can't argue with the price at just £8

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Lipstick "Premium Pink" I absolutely love liquid lipsticks especially this from Revlon. I have no other colour like it in any way, the pigmentation is amazing, it lasts about 6 hours with eating and drinking which no other lipstick could ever beat but the only thing I don't like about it is that when it is drying it goes quite tacky and you have to put a lipbalm over it while it dries to stop it being so sticky. 

Collection CreamPuff "Fairy Cake" The first thing I want everyone to know about this product is that it smells phenomenal. It smells exactly like cakes which makes me want to wear so much more. The colour is a very common one for me, I have numerous products this colour but none of them wear as well as this does- it lasts about 3-4 hours with eating and drinking which is great and unlike the Revlon one it doesn't go tacky when drying.

Evie Mai "Red" I'm almost certain this lipstick was a present. Did anyone else ever get those really horrible sets for Christmas from their aunts or uncles which were on offer in Superdrug or Boots? Well I did and I think this came in one but it is nothing like you'd expect given the description I just wrote. It is the most pigmented lipstick I own (and I own a LOT), it is so smooth to apply and it's not drying but I also wouldn't say it's very moisturising. I just love wearing this with a neutral eye.

MUA "Shade 7" I know I've wrote about this before so I won't ramble I'll just say that for about 3 months now this has been my go to everyday lip colour because I can wear it with anything and it is just so lovely to apply and the finish is amazing.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it wasn't too rambly because I'm kind of out of the blog posting routine at the moment but I'm sorting it so I'll be back on track soon and I have a few posts lined up.

10 Things in my Bag Tag

So you've all seen the videos of "What's in my bag?" but my friend Carly at Carly in the Middle actually invented this tag and tagged me in it so here it is:

First off this is the bag I've been using for the past few months. It's from River Island as you can tell and I think my next handbag purchase will definitely be the Zara City Bag but for now this is it. 

1. My glasses. 
I bring my glasses everywhere because I don't have to where them all the time but it's so inconvenient if someone says "can you see that thing over there?" and I'm like "um..nope.."

2. My purse.
Obviously every one would have a purse in their bag. It carries my millions of pounds-joking but it does carry money. My purse is from a brand called LYDC and I've never heard of them but it was a present-isn't there an old superstition that you can't buy yourself a purse?
3. Tissues
An absolute essential. They can be lifesavers at times especially with the weather in Belfast always being cold  and when it is even slightly windy my eye waters like nothing else. 

4.Body Spray
I much prefer carrying a body spray to perfume, it's less breakable and less chance of leakage and its lighter. This one is my favourite Charlie by Revlon mini in "Pink".

5. Polo mints
Sometimes it's mints, sometimes it's chewing gum but no matter what I always have some form of breath freshening product with me because you never know what you might eat or who you might meet (unintentional rhyme there) and it's just generally nice to have nice breath.

6. My house keys
I feel rather important having a key to my house although I rarely ever use it. I have my very old and scarped One Direction key ring which my bestfriend bought me a few years ago for my birthday and a tiny little red heart keyring.

7. My iPod cover
My cousin bought me this for Christmas and I love it but the "wings" on it are slightly annoying which explains why it isn't on my iPod but my niece asked me to name him Charlie after her favourite story "Charlie Bear in Space"(or something along those lines).

8. Random mints.
I'm sensing a minty theme. I remember where I got these- I was out for dinner one night and it annoys me to no end when you don't get mints with the bill (I think it's cause whenever we went out for dinner when I was a child we'd always go to the same place and they always gave you mints) so when I got them I just stocked up and this is what is left...I should probably throw these away.

9. My make up essentials for top ups
Every girl in the history of the world will have one of these and if you're reading this and you don't...go get one. This bag is from Avon and it was a "gift-with-purchase" type thing and in it I keep everything I could possibly need for top ups after a day out including lip balm, concealer, a nail file, a mini hair brush, a compact mirror etc. 

10. Hand Cream
Although I use hand cream mostly in winter I still tend to use it all year round because your hands can never be too soft can they?

So there you have it, 10 random things that can be found floating around my bag. Other things not mentioned include copious amounts of bobby pins, another hair brush and a lot of discarded jewelry.
I don't tag anyone in particular to do this but if you feel like it go ahead and by all means say I tagged you. 

Have a great weekend whatever you get up to!
Ray x