I've caved!

I've caved in and got myself a "Naked 2" palette on the plane home from Italy (did you know there's a such thing as "sky shopping"?) which was convenient. I must admit though that I've used it everyday since I got it and it is rapidly becoming a holy grail product for me.

My 3 most worn shade are "foxy", "booty call" and "snake bite". I use them for the perfect everyday subtle smokey eye which is my favourite look.

 Also, I got a free mini "lip junkie" with it which I also love. It is a lip plumper so it gives that tingly feeling that some people don't like,but I do. I may even have to buy the full sized one.

Overall I'm so happy I purchased it because I know I'll get so much use from it and now when bloggers/youtubers use it in tutorials etc I'll be able to participate instead of using the dupes.

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