I'm an awful vlogger!

I attempted to make some interesting vlogs for you guys this week but on Friday I was super busy with "Gig Night" so even though I was planning to vlog I couldn't (cry) but I thought I'd redeem it by making a cool vlog for Saturday.
"Where is that cool vlog?" you might ask. Well, basically I am an idiot and an amateur and I left my camera at home. 

Today I:

  • Went to my dance/drama classes
  • Got my second piercing in my left ear (ouch!)
  • Walked practically all over the city centre to find somewhere that my friend Shauna could get an industrial bar piercing but sadly no luck for her.
  • Ate subway
  • Went home and chatted to my sister about childhood memories with her (super nostalgic)
  • Socialized with my cousin Chloe 
  • Watched youtube videos
  • Wrote this post

So as you can see the start of my day would have made a great vlog, that is if I had remembered something to film it on but I solemnly promise now that next weekend I will make super interesting vlogs because on Friday I am going to a play that my friends are in called "West Side Story" then on Saturday I am taking a trip to Dublin for the final of the Irish Youth Music Awards and on Sunday I am volunteering at a show doing some Front of House/usher type things i.e greeting the audience, tearing tickets at the door etc.

My lack of post ideas is so upsetting too, I'm so unimaginative so if you have any suggestions give me them:)

Ray x

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