(I didn't like the idea of "my week in pictures" this week because I haven't taken many photos but I will be sure to for ext week's summary post)

product of the week: Topshop lipstick in "Infared"

read of the week: (still reading) The Hunger Games-Mockingjay

song of the week: I have rediscovered my love for All Time Low this week so I have been non stop listening to "Weightless"

food of the week: the McDonalds I had on Thursday and I must say, even though they got my order wrong (I asked for a Mc'Chicken Sandwhich but I got a Chicken Royale I think) what I did get was delicious.

video of the week: has to be one that went up today which was zoe and joey's video (both of them) they were so hilarious.

****I also went to see Olly Murs on Thursday in Belfast which was incredible but I'd never expect any less from Olly. I've seen him in every live show he has done in Belfast (i.e XF tour, all 3 tours) and they were all just as good, so an overall great night except the fact I think I may have lost my Revlon lip butter in Tutti Frutti whilst there :(

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