my week in pictures #1

This week has been a very tiring week with an exam at the end but just as busy and fun as usual. So I had Monday off school, thanks to the bank holiday (not very relaxing however).
1. On Bank Holiday Monday my Dad and Brother ran the Belfast City Marathon to raise money for the Children's Hospice, a worthy charity. They finished in 4 hours 55 minutes!
2. It was a lovely day on Tuesday so we sat outside to eat lunch, Shannon was adamant to get a photo!
3. What can be better than a cold drink or an ice lolly on a sunny day? Oh I know, hot fudge cake with custard courtesy of Rebecca.
4. Studying in the library was so boring but I had an exam on Friday, Carly and Amy are working hard in that photo.
5. I actually did something social on Friday night and I went to see Oblivion in the cinema. I would not recommend it AT ALL it was too confusing, riddled with scientific inaccuracy and poor acting. 
6. I was looking forward to a relaxing Sunday but instead I have to sort this mess. How fun.

See you next week for "my week in pictures #2"


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