10 Things in my Bag Tag

So you've all seen the videos of "What's in my bag?" but my friend Carly at Carly in the Middle actually invented this tag and tagged me in it so here it is:

First off this is the bag I've been using for the past few months. It's from River Island as you can tell and I think my next handbag purchase will definitely be the Zara City Bag but for now this is it. 

1. My glasses. 
I bring my glasses everywhere because I don't have to where them all the time but it's so inconvenient if someone says "can you see that thing over there?" and I'm like "um..nope.."

2. My purse.
Obviously every one would have a purse in their bag. It carries my millions of pounds-joking but it does carry money. My purse is from a brand called LYDC and I've never heard of them but it was a present-isn't there an old superstition that you can't buy yourself a purse?
3. Tissues
An absolute essential. They can be lifesavers at times especially with the weather in Belfast always being cold  and when it is even slightly windy my eye waters like nothing else. 

4.Body Spray
I much prefer carrying a body spray to perfume, it's less breakable and less chance of leakage and its lighter. This one is my favourite Charlie by Revlon mini in "Pink".

5. Polo mints
Sometimes it's mints, sometimes it's chewing gum but no matter what I always have some form of breath freshening product with me because you never know what you might eat or who you might meet (unintentional rhyme there) and it's just generally nice to have nice breath.

6. My house keys
I feel rather important having a key to my house although I rarely ever use it. I have my very old and scarped One Direction key ring which my bestfriend bought me a few years ago for my birthday and a tiny little red heart keyring.

7. My iPod cover
My cousin bought me this for Christmas and I love it but the "wings" on it are slightly annoying which explains why it isn't on my iPod but my niece asked me to name him Charlie after her favourite story "Charlie Bear in Space"(or something along those lines).

8. Random mints.
I'm sensing a minty theme. I remember where I got these- I was out for dinner one night and it annoys me to no end when you don't get mints with the bill (I think it's cause whenever we went out for dinner when I was a child we'd always go to the same place and they always gave you mints) so when I got them I just stocked up and this is what is left...I should probably throw these away.

9. My make up essentials for top ups
Every girl in the history of the world will have one of these and if you're reading this and you don't...go get one. This bag is from Avon and it was a "gift-with-purchase" type thing and in it I keep everything I could possibly need for top ups after a day out including lip balm, concealer, a nail file, a mini hair brush, a compact mirror etc. 

10. Hand Cream
Although I use hand cream mostly in winter I still tend to use it all year round because your hands can never be too soft can they?

So there you have it, 10 random things that can be found floating around my bag. Other things not mentioned include copious amounts of bobby pins, another hair brush and a lot of discarded jewelry.
I don't tag anyone in particular to do this but if you feel like it go ahead and by all means say I tagged you. 

Have a great weekend whatever you get up to!
Ray x  

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