Squeaky Clean Brushes

I hate cleaning my brushes if I'm honest but I love using spotless clean brushes- do you see my problem? To achieve a happy medium I try to wash them all once a week which isn't too often that it feels like a chore and I get clean brushes for a healthy amount of time. So I thought today that I'd share with you how I do that because when I first got into makeup no one told me that you had to wash brushes regularly or how to do so. 

Firstly you'll need all your brushes you want to wash and some baby shampoo/bath (I usually use shampoo but they both do the same thing) The reason it's better to use BABY shampoo is because it's designed to keep skin soft so it makes your brushes so soft and it smells amazing.

Now for the actual washing. I put a small amount (about the size of a pea) of the baby bath in the plam of my hand, swirl the brush in it until it lathers and then put the brush under running water pinching the bristles until the water runs clear and the brush is free of product.

To dry them I just lay them all on a piece of kitchen roll and set the near a radiator and they dry in about 6 hours. This is why I wash them at night so they will be dry for the next morning to do my makeup with.

I hope this was helpful to you. If you have anything you use to wash your makeup brushes that I didn't mention feel free to leave them below. 

Ray xx

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