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You may or may not have noticed that I paused the blog reel for a while and my blog post well basically ran dry. I was at a bit of a cross roads with what I wanted to put on my blog because I enjoy blogging but the subject of my posts has been an issue for a while. I enjoy reading about beauty and watching beauty youtubers but I just don't think I'm cut out to be a beauty blogger. I would like to include beauty posts on my blog but not all the time so I'm searching for new inspiration. After watching Louise of Sprinkle of Glitter's video "Having Hope" I was inspired to start blogging again more regularly but to include things that make blogging fun for me so here are my ideas:

- At least once a week I'd like to just sit down and ramble about my life at that present moment, whether you chose to read it is up to you but I'm currently trying to think up a title for a post like that eg: "Monday night moaning" but that could be taken quite rude to some of you so that's out the window but you get the jist of what I'm looking for.
- I want to write at least one beauty post a week so that I can still do what I'm interested in but not have it feel like such a chore the way it did before.
- Plan my posts before I write them so I don't ramble just like I'm doing right now because I did no planning.
- Just enjoy it, my blog is like my diary and that's something I need to remember. In a few months/years/centuries I could come back and look at rachel-vs-life and I want it to be something I'm proud to showcase to the entire world.

Now that 'm starting back to school soon my posts are going to have to be written in advance which is annoying but with all that's going on this year in school I just don't want to be stressed out or split my focus so my new blog post scheduele will be posted sometime in the next few days on my "About" tab.

So I hope you continue to enjoy rachel-vs-life and if you have any posts you'd like to see leave suggestions below and I'll try my best to do them.

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