New room,new outlook

The picture below is where I slumber. **This photo was taken from my Instagram (which is rachelvslife by the way incase you have Instagram and wish to follow me)**

My new bedroom is the most fabulous place in my opinion because I don't go out much so I spend most of my time in my room and having it clean and comfortable is a must. With that considered having somewhere that I can feel both motivated to work and relaxed is not easy and it took careful planning and many many sketches to get it perfect. It took about a week to decorate and while it was being decorated it looked a state. It was a pain in the behind having to take my bed apart and put it back together everyday after doing a little bit of decorating but now that it is all done I'm so happy with it!

...dressing table-Amazon
...wallpaper- Nobblets (which I think is only based in Belfast oops)

Ray x

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