"Babies, Harry Potter, Umemployment" Ramblings of Ray #1

Ahh babies, they're cute to look at and hold occasionally but I feel like I'm in a never ending ball pit of babies (odd metaphor I know). I have been constantly surrounded by babies for 3 weeks straight and their cuteness and adorable little things they do stop having affect after a few days. It's not over for me though, I'll have a new edition to my family to join all the youngster I already have swinging from my limbs. This week my sister will hopefully be having her baby!!!! I am so excited for this baby, it has been long awaited and though her pregnancy has been complicated it'll all be worth it when he/she is finally here.

This may shock some of so prepare yourself but I have never watched a Harry Potter movie. My friends all think it's so weird and are always going on at me to watch them so I started to watch one this week and my friend Shauna phoned me and literally forced me to go out with my friends and all I really wanted to do was watch Harry Potter. Long story short Shauna was not taking no for an answer and I had to abandon Harry Potter and have not resumed watching it since. I'll eventually get round to watching it around the same time I finally finish reading Mockingjay (which I should add, I have started 3 times and not once have I got even half way). 

I know I'm not supposed to be complaining about unemployment because there are people out there with families to feed who have no job but I could use a job and use the money about now. I would really like to have my own independence and not have to run to my parents for every little thing that I want (that is in no means me implying I get everything I ask for, in reality its the complete opposite infact). It is frustrating knowing also that the chances of me being employed are slim because I still have not sat all of my GCSE's so therefore have no real qualifications and if someone is applying for the same position as me with 11 GCSE's A*-C and 3 A-levels I know who I would give the job to. 

I hope you enjoyed this week's "Ramblings of Ray" post. I am going to  make this a weekly thing but it may not always be on a Saturday because sometimes, JUST SOMETIMES, I do have a social life on a Saturday. 

Until next time, have a good day/night wherever you are,

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