My Bucket List

I know I'm only 16 and it may seem silly that I have this written already but it gives me plenty of time to do it. So, here are 38 things I want to do before I die...

1. Have a wild weekend in Vegas.
2. Make a difference
3. Live in a new place
4. Get a tattoo
5. Fall in love
6. Throw a massive party
7. Visit Austrailia
8. Sleep under the stars
9. See the Northern Lights
10. Go cloud spotting on top of a hill
11. Learn to play guitar
12. Own a polaroid
13. Go sky diving
14. Fly in a helicopter
15. Drink coffee in Central Perk
16. Experience 0 gravity
17. Straddle a border(be in 2 places at once)
18. Own lots of band shirts
19. Learn to drive
20. Poke Harry Styles’ dimples
21. Go to Times Square
22. Attend a festival
23. Find a real bestfriend*
24. Donate blood
25. Have a food fight
26. Go fishing
27. Go on a real date
28. Have perfect teeth (get my braces off)*
29. Visit a wonder of the world
30. Punch someone in the face
31. Own a perfect pair of jeans
32. Find the perfect LBD*
33. See ATL live
34. Be truly happy
35. Ride a mechanical bull*
36. Meet Mark Harmon (Leroy Jethrow from NCIS)
37. Drive on route 66
38. Twerk against my old school with my bestfriend.*

(The ones with asterisks beside them are things I have already done.)
This the adapted version of my bucket list which originally came from my tumblr so if you want to visit my tumblr to browse or what not click here.

Have you written your bucket list already? If so, what are your top things you want to accomplish?
Ray xx

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