My Week in Pictures #2

(I've tried a new layout for my "my week in pictures" post this week, I'm not sure I'll stick with it though.)

1.Playing outside in the garden with my nieces (although they refused a picture) this week when the weather was nice.
2.So much revision!!!!!!!
3.I have slightly rekindled my love for rings this week.The past few months I haven't really wore any but in the picture above I am wearing a 3D horse one and a gold heart one both from Internacionale.
4. My converse are another fashion item that I've loved this week. My low top red converse haven't left my feet all week.
5. I have been through 5 bottles of this since last Saturday, anyone else think I have a bit of a ginger ale addiction? Also, people find it really weird that I don't use it as a mixer I just drink it alone.
6. Tonight all I've been doing is burning my fave candles and watching TV, having a lazy Sunday! (Candles pictured: Bloomes "Vanilla Surprise" and the one in the white floral jar is from BHS but I'm not sure of the name because it was a present.)

Hope you all had a great week, whatever you got up to.
Ray x


  1. Isn't revision fun? ;) That's what I should be doing now, but instead I've come to tell you I've tagged you in the 13 Personal Questions tag!

    Megan x

    1. Thanks lovely, I'll be sure that I make that my next post:)

      Ray x