My Week In Pictures #3

I know there has been no other beauty related post this week but I have a few up my sleeve. So without further ado here is my food filled mwip #3

1. I had the most amazing lunch in the Whitefort,Belfast with my mum and sister. I had the nachos and by the time they were photographed half were gone oops.
2.I find making my bed the most laborious task but I love the way my bed looks when it's made. Is that weird? I think it is..moving on..
3.Rebecca (who is featured again in picture 4 and expect to see a lot of her from now on too) wearing a hula skirt representing Hawaii at our school International Day.
4. Rebecca (again) with her pizza when we went for dinner last night for a friend's birthday, I must say it was fab.
5. Today I had quite a relaxed day like I do every Sunday and I picked up Grazia magazine on the way to the pub with my family for a few drinks.

So there you have it, a look back at this week's happenings. 

Ray X

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